By Frederik Pohl

Reviewed by Ted Gioia

Science fiction is often accused of stealing the basic plots of
cowboy stories and other pulp fiction genres, then simply
transferring them to outer space.  What is
Dune, according to this
perspective, but a story of uprooted settlers finding a new home
in the untamed and inhospitable open spaces where few other
cowpokes dare to go? The protagonist Michael Valentine Smith,
Stranger in a Strange Land is quaint and provocative with his
different ways . . . just like Owen Wister’s
The Virginian, huh?  
And who hasn’t seen the similarity between the final chapters of
Joe Haldeman’s
The Forever War, and that great John Wayne
The Alamo?

Well, maybe not. . . .

But Frederik Pohl makes no bones
about what he is up to in
His characters are all prospectors
searching for hidden riches in remote
and dangerous locales – just like
Treasure of Sierra Madre
, but
expanded to galactic proportions.   
Gateway, a pear-shaped rock in space,
is the last safe outpost before heading
off into the unknown.  Some prospectors
come back rich, but many never come
back at all.  

But Pohl has created an interesting twist to give new flavor to this
old tale.  The prospectors in his novel rely on nearly one
thousand small spaceships left behind by the vanished Heechee
civilization.  They don’t know much about the Heechees, but their
spaceships still seem to work . . . more or less.  No one knows how
to steer one of these contraptions, but if you fiddle around with
the controls it will take you to one of the Heechee’s “pre-set
destinations” and back home again.  (Think of these destinations
as akin to the stations you program into your car radio – push a
button and you’re off!)  The pre-sets were created eons ago, and
sometimes they just take you into a black hole or some other ugly
cosmic disaster zone, from which you will never return.  But
occasionally they bring the prospectors to a place where there is
cool Heechee technology that can be brought home and

With this elegant and clever concept serving as a foundation, Pohl
tells the tale of Robinette ‘Rob’ Broadhead, an aspiring prospector
who is sometimes cowardly, sometimes greedy, often evasive and
defensive, but never dull.  We follow Broadhead on a series of
adventures, all in search of that big gold vein that will make him
fabulously wealthy.   

Some of the trappings of this story – especially the recurring
parodies of Freudian psychoanalysis played out by Broadhead  
and a ‘virtual reality’ shrink – have not aged well.  But in other
ways, Pohl is quite daring.  The use of flashbacks and unexpected
shifts in the chronology are very deftly handled.  Pohl takes a
huge risk in letting us know toward the beginning of his story how
it will end, but still keeps us on tenterhooks by leaving us guessing
the reasons and specifics, which only are revealed toward the
close of his narrative.   Pohl’s use of sidebar exhibits throughout
the course of the novel is also effective and amusing.  

Just a space western?  Perhaps.  But this is one of the better
examples of the genre.  
Gateway is smartly paced and written
with just the right touch of parody and light humor.  Just as movie
lovers still cherish
The Treasure of Sierra Madre, sci-fi fans will
continue to enjoy this space-age prospecting tale for decades to
come.  Certainly the sci-fi establishment gave it the thumbs up.  
Gateway sweeped the major honors, winning the Hugo in 1978,
the Nebula in 1977, and the John W. Campbell Award in 1978.  
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